RPG Maker Recommendations

Aveyond series – Aveyond Studios

Watch the world of Aia both flourish and all but fall to ruin in this comedic, charming high fantasy RPG Maker XP series. Each game introduces new characters and locations, with a couple recurring favorites across the centuries.

Over a decade ago, Aveyond was what first got me into using RPG Maker. To this day, the series remains my favorite games and biggest inspiration of all time. If you like my games, you absolutely should check out Aveyond.

Eternal Senia – Sanctum Games

Battle through an enchanted tower to save your older sister.

The Freelance Elf – TeiRaven

A short game made for a Christmas jam with a whole lot of heart packed tightly in.

Ceress and Orea – Plueschkatze

A rich and atmospheric puzzle game about a woman traveling through the Underworld to get back to the love of her life.