Inn Need (IMGC 2022)

Inn Need

Indie Game Making Competition 2022: Rebirth
#5 People's Choice
#16 Judge's Choice

There was once a marvelous hotel in the town of Queen's Horizon. Each room had a different theme, every stay was an adventure. But as the Silver Willow Inn passed from owner to owner, it fell into disrepair more and more.

The new owner, Hestia Kindlee, is determined to rejuvenate the inn that she remembers from her childhood! And no leaky pipes, cobwebby cellars, or haunted hotel rooms are going to stop her! Explore the old inn, fix what you can, find help for what you can't, and restore the inn to its former glory.

Build A Release Date: 4 August 2022

Build B in development!

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Studio Overdoing It
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