Blog: New Site and New Name

23 March 2024
Tagged as: #website, #chatter

The Site

Having an official website for my game dev projects has always been an aspiration of mine, and when I got into Neocities last year, I realized I finally had the skillset to do it.

I've also gotten tired of using social media as a creator. Game dev is a hobby, not my job, so I've always been somewhat sporadic with it. Trying to keep up with regularly posting across multiple platforms ends up being an uncomfortable balancing act between a mostly dead account and posting every month, "I promise I'm going to get things done this time! I'll have updates soon!"

I decided maintaining my own website would feel more lively even without updates, give me a better sense of control, and allow me to centralize my updates.

To balance the "going a long time without updates" and "having nothing to update" issues, in addition to the site's blog, which can be followed through the RSS feed, I'm including a Status Cafe widget, which can be subsribed to with Atom. Status Cafe offers an easy, low-pressure way to fire off quick thoughts, without the statistics and hashtags of social media to bog it down. I plan to use the blog for the big updates where I actually have a lot to say, and the Status Cafe as a brief "hi! I'm doing game dev right now!" alert. Feel free to follow either, or just check back on the website when you feel like it. If you're looking for a free feed reader, I personally use Inoreader, but there's plenty of options out there.

Major updates, as well as the games themselves, will, as always, be posted on my

The Name

I first named my game dev accounts Pumpkin Snake Games, after my childhood pet corn snake, Kabocha. I've loved the name, but I've always felt like it's confined me to a very specific aesthetic that doesn't match how I want to represent myself online. When I decided I wanted to make a website, I had to contend with this. My partner helped me brainstorm some new logos and color schemes, but ultimately I decided I wanted a new name entirely.

I decided on Lavender Mocha: my go-to coffee order. It's a fun twist on an old classic – much like my game dev philosophy – and its aesthetic associations, rich browns and pastel purples, feel much more like me. It's also the thing I treat myself to when I want to buckle down and get things done, or celebrate an accomplishment, two feelings that are central to my relationship with game development.

A photograph of my pet snake, Kabocha, a bright orange corn snake

I'm really excited to start this next chapter of game dev, and I welcome you along for the ride!