Welcome to Lavender Mocha Games

I'm a hobbyist game developer working with RPG Maker XP to make short, atmospheric games inspired by the sidequests and background characters of large scale high fantasy RPGs.

I created seaglass and helped make Inn Need. I'm currently working on Inn Need Build B and away in the woods!

Blog Updates

1 May 2024: Getting back into away in the woods development
The first stage of away in the woods development - planning out the story - is done! It's gotten a revamp since 2022.

22 April 2024: Entering Inn Need Wrap-Up
I'm almost done with Inn Need development... and almost back to working on away in the woods.

23 March 2024: New Site and New Name
An introduction to the site and the new name!

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Status Cafe

Blog features more detailed, less frequent posts describing goals, completed tasks, and the like.
Status Cafe features more frequent, less detailed updates on what I'm actively working on!

In Progress

Inn Need

  • Fix beta test bug list
  • Update credit images

away in the woods

  • Implement scripts
  • Remove RTP (re-import as necessary)
  • Create placeholder graphics